Well, You’re Disgusting-Deal With It!
Thoughts from the chemically imbalanced


Alright, I just went one of the local Planned Parenthood branches in St. Louis.  They gave me a free HIV and STD screening as well as a consultation with a Nurse Practitioner.  I was granted  A YEAR of FREE BIRTH CONTROL!  I spent less than one hour at the clinic and had a pleasant experience in their clean and comfortable facility.

With b.c. this accessible, I wonder why more sexually active females are not using it? Yes, I understand some people are actually TRYING to have a baby- my best to you and yours, good luck.

Some people also have their religious views and practice their religion in a church that claims that birth control is wrong because it prevents God’s children from coming into the world. This church also says that sex is supposed to be a mutual act of shared love between two MARRIED ADULTS.  So if you don’t use b.c. because the church says its wrong- then you shouldn’t be having sex anyway.  **Can’t pick and choose which rules you want to abide by! If a “Christian” woman is having sex,it must be with her husband; she must be married, right?

But many young females are having unprotected sex and find themselves in a sticky situation when they become PREGNANT!

Oh- you didn’t want a baby? but you just haaad to have sex? Why weren’t you using protection?

Here’s the website for Planned Parenthood:


….pretty easy to remember, right?!




THE SHOT (Depo Provera)

I AM NOT AN EXPERT! Please consult your doctor or medical for advice on which birth control method will work best for you!

The MOST EFFECTIVE form of birth control-

As Jerry Springer would say “Take care of yourself, take care of each other.”

How many more young, unprepared teenagers do we need having babies?

The decision to have sex should be mutual and mature, if you are not ready for a baby, you should not be having sex.


so i know i havent posted something with substance for a while. somewhere in my room is a notebook in which i had made a list of ideas to write about.  someone owes me maid service, so hopefully ill get to it this week.

today my friend lesley and i woke up rather early (12:15pm) for a day without school. i picked her up around 12:50 and we were able to make it to the 1 pm showing of “Mystic India” at the Omnimax at the Saint Louis Science Center. it was full of really awesome images with a little story about a boy running through it. lesley didnt like the story about the boy, but he was really cute…when he was still little, the young man they had play the 18 yr old version of the boy was….a little odd? he had eye makeup and probably lip-liner and lipstain. just…kinda weird.  

 before India started, there was a preview for “Under the Sea”….which i just realized is a major lyric/song from one of my favorite movies THE LITTLE MERMAID!!!

anyway, they had the preview and it showed all these really awesome fish and sea creatures swimming by, and all this cute, bubbly music, and at the end it shows in big lettering “UNDER THE SEA” and then you see a tiny little fishy, and then a big ol’ Rock fish come and gobble him up in one bite.  i got scared and yelled “ooh shit!” it wasnt that  loud, but it just burst out of me, and i think it embarassed lesley. the movie ended, we got up to put our coats on, look behind us and a little 5 yr old is asleep in her motheres lap. next to the mother is grandpa….also asleep. cuuuuute!!!

after we left the science center, we wanted a cup of coffee, so we headed down the street to Companion Bakery…..only to find that IT HAD CLOSED!!! NOOOOO!!! at least we can still buy pretzel rolls from Schnuks!

i guess you can cross out ‘central west end’

then i went to the school bookstore, which i had been told would be open….only to find that it was closed.

lesley and i headed back to her place and we checked out the fabulous new shoes she bought on saturday, as well as the shoe which she had chipped on new year’s eve…so sad! but im super excited to see the new ones!!!!!!

chatting online with a friend, he just informed me that my roomate made gooey butter cake today and that it was on the stove. ooooh baby, you’ll make someone a fine wifey!!


so i went to google and “imaged” [like i love to do]  “baby kangaroo,” after seeing a friends photos of a kangaroo on the face book. 

so i googled it…and i found this picture of two polar bears.

i like to imagine they’re hugging each other after seeing how absolutely adorable a “baby kangaroo” really is!


Well, its been a successful year for snuggie!

Bryan, no more empty promises this year!

Mrs. Turner, enjoy your leopard print….while you still have it!

Mallory, Sanita, Lesley, Alison….can we make this a possibility? (see below)

DONT FORGET ABOUT YOUR PUPPYYYY!!! how long would a puppy wear a blanket?

does a puppy really need a blanket with sleeves? don’t they have “coats” already? i’ve never had a pet before so i’m not sure how much extra warmth a puppy may need…


just in time for thanksgiving…





has anybody seen this? has anybody heard of this? hulu doesnt have it, neither does the red box….can someone please find me a copy?

The 2002 movie’s cover describes itself as “a true story” and “Cess Silvera’s raw Jamaican gangster thriller.”  This movie, directed by Cess Silvera stars : Kymani Marley, Spragga Benz, Paul Campbell, Wyclef Jean, and Louie Ranken.

Yes, we can all recognize the names ‘Marley’ and ‘Wyclef Jean;’

but who is Louie Ranken?

Louis Ranken has been described as “jamaican badboy,” and according to pac47 on imdb

” Y’all know he is a sickass DJ/Rapper/Reggae artist from Jamrock? Mas a god a watch dem da 45 nobock, bomboclot rasclad jamaican bonnoboy!!!” 

 …..take that as you may. imdb will also inform you that his date of birth is Kingston, Jamaica….

J.Young says of Shottas : ” its 1 of the best ja gangsar movie there is its got 1 of the marleys in bob marlys son…… it make u know whats been goinig on in ja… which is jamica all goverment drama is tru….”

 In the movie Shottas, Ranken plays a character named Teddy Brukshot. TEDDIEEEEE!! Ranken has not only starred in loved films such as “Belly” and “Shottas,” but he has also worked with Foxy Brown…probably why he has the funds to look fresh everyday…i may be thinking of his son.


Unfortunately, Ranken was arrested in NY…like father like son.


Related Information:    http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.outaroad.com/louie_rankin_foxy_brown_ox_teddy_brukshut_actor.jpg&imgrefurl=http://powerhousewlmjradio.com/blog/%3Fp%3D569&usg=__MTtR777Py2l3V4wONRByyLEpOLI=&h=275&w=478&sz=25&hl=en&start=2&tbnid=bCOYIFmSkhQ-hM:&tbnh=74&tbnw=129&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dlouie%2Branken%26gbv%3D2%26hl%3Den















some restaurants go out of their way to make me sound like an idiot.  why do restaurants need to give stupid titles to their menu items?  no, i dont want to order the “kickin’ chicken” just give me the goddamn spicy chicken sandwich!


….its something i wont deal with!


(this is not an arson threat!)